25 Things I learned at 25…

25 Things I learned at 25
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A quarter of a lifetime has gone by and guess what? I’m still a hot mess trying to figure it all out, just like everyone else. There’s been a lot of ups and downs, but also a ton of lessons along the way.

1. If you don’t ask, the answer is always no!

This is something I’m absolutely swear by, you need to put yourself out there no matter how hard the situations are. We sometimes delay asking the important questions to avoid the expected answer, because deep down, we are afraid of rejection, we think that what if it’s not what we want to hear, Indeed it is a painful experience, but the longer you wait, the longer you suffer from the same situation again and again.

What if it doesn’t come true, but what if it does?

2. You can do a 9 to 5 job, still be your own boss!

Yes, this might sound unrealistic in the messy corporate world today, but it can definitely be true without any second thoughts. All you need to do is to push yourself a little or a lot more if you want to excel in something you are passionate about. The best approach towards achieving this is by being passionate enough about a side hustle. I myself do a full fledged 9 to 5 job (that some days even turn into 10-12 hours too) but that doesn’t matter since I’m grateful for it knowing the fact that with every minute I go by, I’m making the most of it. However, the catch here is to focus on a side hustle, a hobby, a habit that you’re excited to pursue even after having a tough day at work.

3) Even if you’re perfect, you can’t make someone fall in love with you..

We all are perfect in our eyes, I completely absofukinlutly love myself as I am with all the imperfections but it doesn’t mean that every other person or that one special person I like is gonna fall in love with me. We as humans always want to attract what we don’t have but in that chase we forget to make space for the ones who truly love us.

Moral of the story is – You should love the ones who love, respect, and desire you rather than loving the ones you love, if that makes even the slightest sense to you, congrats, you’re sorted!…

4) Don’t rush for important things in life, good things take time.

Be it your dream job, a vacation you have been planning from ages, or that person you’re crushing over. Don’t rush into all those things in life that are supposed to take time. And, trust me, whenever these things happen, they’ll be beautiful!

5) Sometimes its ok to be a complete mess..

Life gives us bad days so that we can cherish the good times even more, and in those bad times it’s ok to be worried, to feel pathetic, and to be a complete mess. All I’m saying is that, just make sure to not worry about the things that are anyways out of your control.

Always remember, the popular saying, if something crazy makes sense to you, it need no validation from any fucking one!

6) Never shy away for letting your thoughts out!

Some of the best ideas have come from the core, remember, what you present to the world is how you have accepted yourself as human. The more you love yourself, the more you’ll find your thoughts acceptable. 

7) Be spontaneous or regret it later!

There are going to be several instances in your life where you need to be quick, you need to be selfish because it’s going to be a once in a while opportunity. I want you to be spontaneous in those crucial moments, without overthinking about what next? Because, nothing in life is more hurtful than regretting an opportunity that could’ve brought out the best in you.

8) Never hurt the person who was there, when no one else was..

Oh, this one is definitely self explanatory, do not ever aside people who stood by you when you needed all the senses in the world to get out of a situation drowning you like hell. Take it from me, they are the precious gems of life. Never lose hold of them. Just make sure of it and you’re sorted for anything that comes your way.

9) Read as much books as you can and start journalising.

I’ve been reading blogs for a long time, but for the past few years I have started investing time in reading books as well and it is literally a game changer.Those of you who are avid readers will know what I’m talking about. Apart from it, journaling is something that helps me a lot whether it is for manifesting the things i want in life or jotting down my day to day work or things I’m grateful about.

10) You don’t need to be positive about life all the time, you just can’t be..

I sometimes wonder when this ‘always stay positive’ became a rule of thumb. Life can, I’ll say this in bold, “Never’ be all positive all the time. The phases of life we feel like everything is happening just the opposite and worst at its best, they are actually the important days of our life because we learn things worth keeping lifelong.

I admit and happily admit that I ‘ve never been positive all the time. You just can’t be. That’s boring. Be joyful at happy times, and be mindful in the negative times. But they are going to be there no matter what. Hence, let’s live in it with grace.

11) Don’t just manifest your dream life, work your ass off for it.

Yes, manifestation works but not when you are doing nothing about the things you want in your life. I say this always, make efforts, get goals! Always remember that if you are mindful enough to know what you deserve in life you are capable enough to earn that for yourself too. The power of manifesting works only when you are self determined enough to make things happen for yourself.

12) Talk to the moon and stars, the universe is listening.

As insane or poetic it may sound, I love gazing at the moon and stars, there’s something infinite about the sky that is so fascinating. Even if it sounds crazy to you, never stop talking to the universe, let your fear, love, the worst and the best of something that you’ve imagined come out when you’re alone because the universe is always listening and knows you in and out.

13) Fear and anxiety are not always bad emotions to be in!

We all have heard, until you’ve seen the bad days, there won’t be any good days for you. You’ll have good days, bad days, overwhelming days, too tired days, I’m awesome days, I can’t go on days, but every day you’ll still show up. This is how you do life right!

Be grateful to the anxieties, and bad emotions in the process of something ultimately good. They give you power, strength to be you in whatever you do, calmness that even if this is not how it should, I’ll go on and get my thing, no matter what. In short, just never give up, and learn from your everyday life. 

14) What people says about you, says more about them.

Not everyone has to like you, because not everyone has good taste. Ah, I feel like, wouldn’t that be boring if everything around you is good, happening, and all perfect? I mean I want a whole ride of emotions in a day, as I know I’ll make the most of it.

You can’t control what others pursue about you because at the end of the day what matters is how you see yourself and the people who truly cares for you.

15) Choose that one guy carefully, for whom you’re ignoring the 4,5,6 or 7 others 😝…

Don’t get me started on this coz we all are doing this girls. But let me put a disclaimer for you all here and I’ll even read it all over again. Be mindful about the one guy you are giving your heart to. I promise, if a guy really likes you he won’t just forget about you. You won’t have to poke him every so often to remind him you’re out there and to pick things back up again. Also, do you really want to be with someone that you have to chase? Someone who leaves you with no sense of where you stand? This is not healthy or sustainable.

16) If you like something in someone, go tell them, compliment people.

Life is too short to keep the things you like about others to yourself. I always compliment people even on the smallest things I like about them. It may sound silly, kiddish or cheesy sometimes. But I love how those small gestures affect and bring moments of happiness in someone’s life.

It gives me a sense of being the right human to me. Oh, we can definitely be good to people without wanting anything in return.

17) Be kind but don’t get taken for granted!

Your kindness and the confidence of carrying it over to everywhere is the biggest asset and the most required strength of yours. Be vigilant to how people address that. You can’t give them the permission to spoil the beautiful way of expressing yourself. But, also, this is the real world and one worst person is just a step away from the next level worst person. The world is full of them, and we’ll live in that too. So, better fuck’em and be you. You know when to call out a person taking you for granted just because you are sweet to them out of kindness. 

18) Never let someone disrespect you even once!

You allow it once, it will keep happening. This is the time you call it out, and LOUD.There is nothing more important than anything to know exactly when to stop, what to say and what extent you allow someone to talk about you. Be bold and authoritative in the politest manner possible. Being you is not a one day thing, it’s a journey.

19) Be selfish with your time and energy.

You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with, be selective enough to choose those five people mindfully. Aspire a quality from each one of them and you’ll be unstoppable. Be wise!

20) When you love someone give them your whole, but be capable enough of being your true love first..

Even when you’re in love with someone, never forget to make yourself your first priority. Give them you’re all but stay capable enough of being happy and fulfilled even within your own.

21) Take care of your body, and you’ll be amazed to see the wonders it can do.

Feed your body good, go try the new workout you saw online the other day, cut off your cravings that you realize are harmful for your body and you’ll be amazed to see the changes in your body. I’m not just telling this to be on a fitter side, rather it will give you both long term and short term benefits. Most importantly, never say bad things about your body out loud, because your body knows and can feel the energy you produce.

22) Tell them what turns you on the most , and you’ll never have a bad day in a relationship ever!

Telling your partner what turns on the most is pretty common advice but here’s I’m talking about what turns you on both physically and mentally. Believe me when I say this sharing every kinky detail about your likes and dislikes will make a huge impact on your relationship.

23) Try saving at least 40% of your earning from the very first day you start earning.

This is pretty self explanatory guys. I don’t even think this needs to be said out loud, just start saving money from now. I’m not indicating that you need to cut off on things that define you status or give you the excitement of life. Definitely this concept is universal, but may differ on an individual basis. So, try doing it, as you find it fit depending on your work life balances. All the best, my people!

24) Affirmations and manifestations do work.

Believe it or not, writing down affirmations about yourself is great, and not just affirmations, but jotting down anything that makes you feel stressed or anxious can ease things for you. I can’t even remember from how long I’ve been doing this and it works every fuckin time. Gift yourself a journal and start writing. I’m sure it will do wonders for you!

25) 24 is still young and the best is surly yet to come..

Last and probably the most important, if you think that you haven’t figured out what you need to follow in life, how the next 5 years should look like, what dream is the most crucial one for you, where to stay, whom to love, whether you’re doing the right thing, anything for that matter!

Just believe in yourself, because, as they say, you’ll never be able to know how amazing it can be, until you dig right in.