March 2, 2018
Holi 2020

10 Holi Hacks You Must know

All decked up for the festive season, when fun and color is all around in the air. What’s better than making the most of this festival […]
February 13, 2018
popxo fest

A Day At Popxo Love Fest 2018

No matter if you are single or committed. February is the month of love and the whole vibe of the month is something different. I never […]
January 27, 2018
20th birthday

Craziest Things You Must Do In Your 20’s

In your 20’s life will be full of adventures, ups and downs, it will give you opportunities and hurdles. It’s decade where you indulge yourself in […]
July 2, 2017
tan Handbag

5 Handbags That Solves Every Occasion Problem

5 handbags that solves every occasion proble A study shows that a women buy an average of 6 handbags in her whole lifetime. Handbags are girl […]