Traditional Skincare Routine ft Wow Skin Science!

skincare routine

Hey Guys it’s been a long time since i shared any of my favorite beauty product review here. so i thought why not introduce you all with my current skincare routine. Since summers are just around the corner which means scorching heat is also approaching so its high time to prevent your skin from sun damage, tanning along with preserving a clear and healthy looking skin.

So i recently tried WOW Skin Science Ubtan Luxuriant Kit it contains  foaming face wash , scrub , face pack and sunscreen and i’m really enjoying these products the best part about them is they are  made of ingredients like chickpeas , turmeric, saffron, almond, rosewater which help restore your skin’s natural radiance with traditional Indian properties.

skincare routine

We all grown up applying Ubtan – the perfect recipe for flawless skin but accept it that we are too lazy to make it on our own now in our busy life that why these ubtan products came in handy. We all know how auspicious it is to include it in our special occasions using ubtan for skin and body remains an exotic beauty care experience that is meant to revive mind and body.

Wow Skin Foaming Face wash

wow skin science


wow skin science


Choosing the correct face wash as per your skin concerns is the most basic yet crucial step to follow. I’m using the Ubtan foaming face wash. Firstly i love the hassle friendly packaging, it’s so convenient comes with an attached silicon brush which makes the washing process compactly effortless. The formula is very mild and gives instant brightness to my face.

Wow Face Scrub & Pack

wow skincare

Skincare products

wow skincare

Next step is scrubbing and pack, so i’m currently using the ubtan scrub and pack twice a week you can use it even once only too. since it’s is made from natural ingredients known for their exfoliating and rejuvenating properties. The scrub helps in exfoliation of skin removes tan and even out complexion. It helps to improve skin’s natural moisturizing capabilities. On the other hand the pack helps to draw out deep-seated grime, refine and minimize pores. Use this to help clarify skin and remove dullness.

Wow Sunscreen

wow skin


best sunscreen for summers

Last step is to use a sunscreen it is mandatory as it changes your skincare game altogether. Don’t forget to apply it. I overall enjoyed the sunscreen but find it a little oily. so oily skin people can avoid this one rather than use a gel based sunscreen that work pretty well for oily skin texture.

You can shop all these products on amazon and on wow skin science official website.

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