5 Handbags That Solves Every Occasion Problem

tan Handbag

5 handbags that solves every occasion proble

A study shows that a women buy an average of 6 handbags in her whole lifetime. Handbags are girl best friend they are a style statement and a helping hand as well, so in short a  good handbag can change the game altogether. So why not invest in right bags so you would not regret later on that why I buy this and not that. Here i’m gonna show you Handbags That Solves Every Occasion Problem, so lets began.

1) Terrific Tote

tote bag
tote bag

Tote bags are so spacious they can carry everything from Clothes to your high heels. And what more a girl can ask for when you get both comfort and style at same. Try them in different styles ,fabrics add funky patches, embellished them and you are perfect.

2) Boho Bag pack


whenever I see my bag pack it gives me wanderlust vibes. It is perfect for you if you are a College Girl. Its comfy to carry and gives you freedom to use your hands freely. Comes in so many styles, colors and patterns.

3) Statement Stripes

statement stripes

stripe of your bag plays a significant role in the overall look of your outfit. Spice up your outfit with these bold embellished and statement straps. Some fashion houses sold these straps separately so you can customize your bag as well.

4) Classic Clutch

handbags for every occasion

No more worries to carry your bag in one old boring position when these clutches comes with side handles. When you want to carry minimal things switch to this from your ordinary bag. And you are all sorted.

5) Novelty Bags

statement bags
ice cream

They are unique shaped bags which are making waves in this season! They comes in different designs and figures that makes them hard to resist.

6) Chain Strap

see through bag

As you all get it chain strap is also very popular style now a days. The chain add a glamour quotient in your outfit.pair it up with your little black dress and carry a chain strap sling and you are done.

7) Box Bag

Handbags That Solves Every Occasion Problem
Handbags That Solves Every Occasion Problem

Getting an evergreen style of box bag will be a good investment. I wish this trend of handbags would never go out of style. Both box clutches and bags are seen on the runways. Some box bags have long chain straps and can be used as sling bags, too. They can be carried effortlessly with party outfits.

So, this is the list of the Handbags That Solves Every Occasion Problem.

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