Pantene Oil Replacement Review

Pantene oil replacement

Hi everyone, today’s post is different from my other blog posts. Its not about any latest fashion trend or beauty hack. Its about a newly launched product. I’ll be reviewing the latest launch by pantene the pantene oil replacement. We already used and loved the pantene hair care range. and now to the addition in its amazing range. Pantene brings to India an international solution to end the hassles of oiling – the New Pantene Oil Replacement .

pantene oil replacement

First Impression

The product comes in a tube with a flip top. A luxurious golden packaging which is a love at first sight that make it looks like a high end international product. The fragrance is somewhat similar to the pantene shampoo range. The product is in a creamy form whitish in color and the consistency is very good Like a leave in cream.

hair goals

How to use :

1) Use it as leave in conditioner

Reap all the benefits of the New Pantene Oil Replacement in just three steps:

-Rub a walnut-sized amount between the palms of your hands.

-Distribute it evenly through the lengths of your damp or dry hair , voila! You are ready with your luscious  hair!

2) Use it as oil

Apply it 30 minutes before washing your hair and massage it in scalp and then wash your hair as usual. And you will get all the benefits of an oil without any mess, and sticky residue.

Occasion of use :

There are multiple ways in which you can use the new Pantene oil replacement.

 Before sleeping –

So it can provide your hair ample nourishment and you wake up with fresh and tangle free hair in the morning.

Before an occasion –

Hate shampooing your hair when you have to head out for a party or meet up? Now this problem comes to an end, just apply the pantene oil replacement before any occasion leave it for 2-3 minutes and then style your hair. For me this product is such a life savior when it comes to bad hair days or even when I’m out somewhere and cannot apply oil. Also in today’s busy life we often forget to give our hair the care that they need, so this product comes in handy thanks to pantene who brings a solution to the tantrums of hair feels so soft and manageable after using it ,and  it helps in taming my frizz while improves my hair texture as well.

So yeah that’s all for my review of the newly launched pantene oil replacement, hope this helps.