My Secret Of Healthy Skin


Hey everyone. I’m back with an another interesting post about my secret of healthy skin for you all. Its been a long time since I’ve posted a blog post, thou I’m active on my social media handles. But never mind, so I’m back here because I came across some amazing products few days back and thought I should share them with you all.

As summer is at its peak and not letting us live freely, it’s really important for everyone to take care of their skin. In this blog I tell you about my secret favorite product for this melting heat for achieving healthy skin.

1) SPF 21 Milk Lotion

The first product has to be an SPF lotion because sun’s screen is a mandatory skincare step in this scorching heat. The SPF 21 milking lotion contains Aloe Vera, Chironji oil, Carrot seeds oil, Vitamin E, Vitamin A and much more which makes a perfect blend of power packed ingredients to fight the harmful UV Rays of sun.

My Review


  • A must have companion for your skin in this melting weather.
  • Have a cooling effect because of aloe and Chironji which is so calming.
  • Smells divine like fresh aqua mist.
  • Have SPF 21 which is great sun protectant.
  • Travel friendly packaging comes in a pump bottle.
  • Absorb quickly into the skin.


  • Smells strong that’s why some people might not be a fan of this one.

It retails for rs 459 for 100 ml of product.

Overall its a good option if you are in search of a good moisturizer /lotion which works as a suns screen as well.

2) Milking Almond Butter Scrub

The second product is luxurious milking butter scrub. you guys already know that Exfoliation is a very effective step in approaching a healthy skin but sometimes this process became so harsh for us and because of that i was in search of a good scrub from the longest time. some of them are too brittle and some are not effective at all. but my search of a perfect scrub ends now. the seer secret butter scrub does it job perfectly it Exfoliate, Hydrate and Moisturize all in one. it contains Almond powder, Coco butter, Shea butter, Olive oil, Pumice stone and much more.

My Review


  • Gentle on skin it has almond extracts which changes into almond milk when mixed with water which is quite innovative technique.
  • Can be used on face and body both.
  • All the ingredients are natural.
  • Quantity is huge.
  • skin feels super soft and moisturized right after the first use.


  • Not so travel friendly.
  • Overpriced

It retails for Rs 693 for 175 gram of product.

So, my final take on this product is its a really good option if your skin needs intense exfoliation or if you are in search of quality product, you must invest in this one. Its worth spending on.

That’s it for today’s review hope it helped you all to make your mind.

i’ll be back soon with another interesting post.

Tanya Mittal