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Hey guys welcome back to Talk2tiara, and if your are here for the first time thanks for reaching out. So today’s post is all about skin care products.
Skin care with the chocolate what more one can ask for? I’m sharing with you guys my absolute must have skincare products for summer.

” There’s nothing better than a friend, unless it’s a friend with chocolate ” – Linda Grayson

Summer must have skincare products

I had recently tried out the plum choco latte complete collection, it consists :

1) A body wash

2) A body lotion

3) hand cream

4) A foot cream

plum products

All these products are in Choco latte variants which means the products are a must try for all the chocolate lovers out there. 

  • plum products are :

1) 100% vegan
2) Non tested on animals
3) Completly parben free

1)Choco Latte Body Wash

first of, the packaging of the product is so convenient and completely hassle free it comes in a handy pump bottle. It has a creamy texture. It disappoint me when it comes to lather, it doesn’t lather much. You need to use 4 or 5 pumps of this to create good lather. Which makes it consume faster. But after wash it leaves your skin so soft. indulgent choco latte aroma which literally gives your skin a silky texture.

2) Choco Latte Body Lotion

It also comes in same pump bottle packaging again. Also it has a lock so you can lock the pump after use and store it anywhere it doesn’t litter, that’s pretty cool about the bottle. The texture of the lotion is so rich and glides on the skin so smoothly, like you have applied butter, also it absorbs quickly into the skin and leave your skin moisturized for almost 7 to 8 hours and that’s enough.

3) Choco Latte hand Cream

Hand creams are something which is usually ignore in our skincare regime. People use the exact same body lotion on all over their body from neck to toes. This habit should be avoided and one needs to understand that each part of our body is different and need expert treatment. Specially hands, foot and face of course. This hand cream is something that’s a must have in every girl’s handbag it gives the right amount of moisture to our hands without leaving them smudgy at all. And what more can you ask for when a sinfully delicious chocolate fragrance lingers in your hands all the time.

4) Choco Latte Foot Cream

As it says not just an another foot cream, Definitely it’s not. The texture is so creamy and non sticky it helps in healing your dry rough feet. It has coco butter in it which makes it smell amazing. Anyone who want to try out a new foot cream can definitely check it out.

  • Priced at ₹ 390 for 75ml (which I fount a bit pricey for a foot cream) – Check here

You can shop plum goodness products from here – Shop