My First hair color Experience With Loreal

hair color

Hey Fam, I hope you all are doing well.  So finally in today’s post i’m sharing my first hair color experience and some Do’s and Don’t of hair coloring with you all.

I want to color my hair since when i’m in high school, but i’m always scared about all the harmful chemical procedure and the damage it causes to our hair. That’s why i dropped this thought back then. But nowadays almost every other girl is coloring and experimenting with her hair by trying out different treatments. So i thought to give it a try as well.

Then i researched a little and get to know about this really cool technique called ” Smartbond ” for hair coloring.

What is Smartbond ?

Smartbond is a new technology that revolutionizes the strength of your hair after your hair color service. A Smartbond additive is added to your color when in salon to prevent further damage to your hair. The hair fiber is made up of keratin chains. And these are linked by bonds. The point of Smartbond is to protect is to strengthen these bonds to improve the quality, feel and look of the hair.

After being so skeptical about my hair color decision. I make my mind to go for it because it addresses all my issues regarding damage. I got my hair color done at the Lo real professional salon at R.k Ashram marg , in Delhi.

They explains me everything first about the type of hair i have and the quality of them. After that i decided the color Honey brown with caramel reflects.

The overall process is three hours long which involves Cutting, Hair coloring and Styling so you have to be patient enough to sit for so long.

In the end i’m so happy with the results and couldn’t ask for more. I got the perfect shade which i have in my mind since so long. Along with the fact that i’m not damaging my hair too much through the help of Smartbond technique.

So, if you are looking for a good hair color option without damaging your hair much. I highly recommend you guys to incorporate the Smartbond technique in your coloring process. Its available in all the lo real professional salons or you can ask for it in any other salon additionally while getting your coloring procedure.

hair color

Smartbond hair color

hair color from loreal

Smartbond hair color

so yeah these are some pictures of the color and i’m totally loving it. Hope you guys like it and all your doubts related to hair color and Smartbond got cleared.