10 Holi Hacks You Must know

Holi 2020

All decked up for the festive season, when fun and color is all around in the air. What’s better than making the most of this festival of colors ? But wait have you keep in mind these important tips that can undoubtedly help you numerous times. If not yet then check it out now 😍. i’v jot sown 10 holi hacks you must know for a healthier and safe holi.

1) Prep Your Skin

When all the festivities happening your skin has to bear a lot torture. So make sure you prep it right by applying a good amount of moisturizer and sunscreen. Moisturizing your face is very important. As lot of color comes in contact with your skin that can make it so dry. After that make sure you apply a waterproof sunscreen because you will be out in the sun whole day and girl you don’t want that shitty tan obviously.

2) Petroleum Jelly Is Your Best Friend

Vaseline is so tiny yet so powerful product that can make a difference in your skin. So don’t forget to apply it on your teeny tiny areas like behind your ears, on your cuticles, toes because you don’t want red and blue ears for weeks after holi.

3) Oiling Is The Key

For all the girls out there holi is the only day when we step out in oily hairs happily and that’s the key. Make sure you oil your hair properly from roots to tips, so that your ends also lock in all the moisture and stay intact to bear all the color attack.

4) Wear Something Old And Over sized

Even though we all want to look our best at the festive eve but its best to wear your old clothes on holi because at the end of the day they aren’t the ones you want to reuse. So try experiment with something over sized and style it your way. like revamping your brother’s tee or wearing your mom’s old kurti is one of the best way to style your holi outfit. I personally love creating outfits from different wardrobe because the possibilities are endless in that case.

5) Make Comfort Your Priority

No matter how chic and stylish you want to look at the pool party, but always make sure that you are comfortable in what you wear. That’s how you will make any occasion the most happening one for sure.

6) Stay Organic

Avoid using harsh chemical contained colors. they are the worse thing you can do to your skin. So stick to organic colors only. I know its difficult and not in your hands to stay away from all that jazz but just stay alert.

7) Take Care Of Your Smartphone

In all the chaos of color and curiosity, don’t forget to take care of your smartphone because that will be in your hand all day long for taking all the lovely selfies and boomerangs. So for that i suggest you to stick on a pop socket behind your phone (if you still have no idea what a pop socket is ? girl you have check that out! that’s a life changer for your phone) so what it basically do is it makes a grip for your phone and make sure that the phone doesn’t slip from your hand.

8) Save Your Cuticles

Hate alien look alike nails after holi party?….yeah they are gross! Don’t forget to paint your nails with dark color nail paint. If you want some extra protection put on the base coat first then the dark nail paint and then top coat and you are all sorted. you can also apply any mild oil on your cuticles to seal them.

9) Don’t Be Afraid To Use A Little Makeup

As i always say a little makeup never hurts and even on holi its a yes yes situation to put on your favorite lipstick of course and mascara as well but make sure to use a good chubby lip balm underneath to provide ample moisture to your lips and for mascara go for waterproof versions only because you don’t want to look like a scare crow when all dipped in water.

10) Bring Life Back To Your body/Skin

After the party and when the jam slows down. Its your time to charge up and fight with all the laziness and pamper your skin. And for that you can select any of your favorite activity like indulging in a hot bathtub with my novel and bath bomb. I also love trying out different face masks because they are so satisfying. but if you are someone who don’t have time for all that stuff. I highly recommend that you should give a shot to face mask sheets, as they are so convenient and hassle free that anyone can include it in her daily routine.

holi hacks

holi hacks

So these are my 10 holi hacks you must know. Lastly wishing you all a very happy and safe holi. Will see you next time



Tanya Mittal