My journey of becoming a beauty and fashion blogger by Hatkestories


Hey everyone, hope you all are doing great this blog is quite different from what i usually do here. I’m not gonna give any fashion hacks or any skincare remedy, this is somthing beyond that and indeed very close to my heart.

So as you all may know i keep on sharing my stories that got featured on web. Recently i had a word with Hatke stories team since they featured my blogging journey on their website and this is how it goes:

“I am Tanya Mittal and I belong to Delhi. Currently, I’m working in a company as a digital marketer and apart from it, I do fashion and beauty blogging. I invested 4 years of my life in fashion blogging but reaching here wasn’t an easy task. Like any other successful person, I had to face ups and downs in my journey.”

My childhood is a very important part of my life as I was born with a lip and cleft palate issue. It’s a condition where the roof of your mouth does not fuse together properly. This issue occurs in each 700th kid worldwide. 

I had some around 3 to 4 surgeries right after my birth but none of them was successful. My entire childhood went to visiting doctors for surgeries and dental treatment. It lasted for 8 years and most of my teenage life suffered because of it.

Again at the age of 18, I got into these surgeries as the previous ones were unsuccessful. Then the surgeon (Dr. S.V. Kharbanda) who was handling my case told me about the Smile Train. He introduced me to Smile Train, and it was a great relief. I’m still under treatment but it’s mostly dental. That surgical part has gone away from my life.

After getting over these things, I started my beauty and fashion blog Talk2Tiara

Kriti sanon

Skechers new collection launch


Amante New Store Lauch


With my favourite Thatbohogirl


Been a Tacfab Ambassador for Womens Day 2020

Saina nehwal

Honor Mobile lauch with Saina Nehwal

Miss universe

Miss Universe India 2019 – Vartika Singh

Initially, I didn’t use my pictures because I wasn’t confident about it. But after finishing all the treatment I took it further with personal styling. People started liking my work, and it boosted my morale. 

My life completely changed after this point. Now, I have around 27 thousand followers on Instagram and my blog is also 4 years old. I have collaborated with more than 100 brands in both the fashion and beauty industry. Now, I get invitations from lots of brands and organizations where I get a chance to meet many celebrities. They recognize and appreciate my work. Recently, Smile Train Organization called me for a beauty pageant where I had lunch with miss universe aspirants.

In the end, I want to tell you all that ‘If you are talented nobody will stop you from achieving your goals. Just face these challenges with courage. Your appearance doesn’t matter, but your character does. Your dreams will come true if you have the willpower to make them happen.’

Thanks a lot for featuring my journey Hatkestories