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Hey Guys,

This post is very close to my heart and what makes it even more special is I’ve never thought of getting my life featured somewhere that too on such a big platform.

You’re girl is head over heels, so it all started when few days back Humans of Bombay  team get in touch with me for the interview they wanted to share my story out and so do i.

So we had some conversations a couple of times i told them about my story, how i’m transformed myself from the introvert shy girl to a event junkie fashion blogger. But let me tell you it wasn’t easy at all. it took me a lot of courage, support and almost whole of my life till now to become what i am today and believe me when i say if i can do it then anybody in this world who has passion for what they love can achieve whatever they dream for!

So here’s how the conversation went with Humans Of Bombay

My Teenage

In my teens and throughout college I used to really look up to actors like Priyanka Chopra and aspired to be like her. I used to see bloggers posting about their fashion and style, and confidently owning their personality. I longed to have my own blog too. But I never considered that it could be an actual possibility.
That’s because I was born with a cleft lip and palate. Most of my time growing up was spent going to the doctors — which included getting treated by an orthodontist for 8 years. My parents even decided not to have another baby to focus on my care.

Throughout, my mom would constantly motivate me and tell me that my appearance didn’t matter. But, I didn’t feel ‘normal’ and spent a lot of time wondering when things would be better, and when I’d be able to pursue my dreams.
A lot of aspects of my life took a hit because of this. In school, I was good at studies and even had an amazing set of friends. But I was always shy of being in the spotlight and I stopped myself from doing things. I’d never take part in an assembly or volunteer to give a speech. Sometimes in class even when I knew the answer, I’d keep quiet. I felt like I was at a disadvantage.

How i got the courage to pursue my dreams

Things only changed for me when I turned 19. My orthodontist told me that I needed to do some facial reconstructive surgeries — and that’s when he told me about Smile Train. That was the real game changer in my life. Smile Train helped me get access to surgeries that not only helped my condition, but also renewed my confidence.
Gradually I felt that my appearance grew better, my expressions became more defined. I started taking photos of myself — I loved myself more and realized that I still had the chance to be exactly where I wanted to be. So, I started my blog, ‘Talk2Tiara’ 3 years ago, where I wrote about my take on fashion and lifestyle. I posted photos of myself on Instagram and received so much love.

Today, I’ve got a job based on the fact that I run a blog! I’ve been able to work with big brands and even met some great celebrities. I’ve even worked with a brand that had Priyanka Chopra as their ambassador! People with cleft lip and palate write to me saying that I’m an inspiration for them and how they love seeing my work.

Sometimes I still think that if I would’ve let go of my fears earlier, if I’d found strength in my shortcomings and owned it — I could’ve appreciated and loved myself — I could’ve done so much more. But I’m here today, and there’s nothing stopping me now. No regrets, no doubts, just me doing what I know, I was born to do.”

At last i want to thanks Humans of Bombay again for featuring my story out in the world.

Love Tanya aka Your Talk2tiara

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