Stay single until your Valentine looks like this…


What comes to your busy mind when you hear the valentine’s day? A dreamy prince coming your way? The recent ex, you couldn’t actually move on from? Oh, you got a crush who’s eyes were always waiting to ask you out?.. I wish nothing more than what you dream in your dreamiest nights for the love..

Like many things worth having in life, love is always risky because you never know how it will turn out in the end.

And that’s why it’s better to stay single and be your own valentine until you find the one who truly deserves being with you..

  • who never questions why you are the way that you are..
  • who reminds you that you are uniquely beautiful in every way..
  • who will call you at 3 am after a fight just to make sure you sleep okay..
  • who puts effort into conversations, who puts his phone down when you speak..
  • who knows exactly what turns you on emotionally and physically..
  • who loves you enough to show you a side of yourself that you have never known..
  • who will allow you to grow from struggles and will stay by your side to overcome every hurdle..

Because love isn’t perfection, it is all about growing with each other, it is about being able to tear down your walls of imperfections and insecurities, it is about getting comfortable with the idea of sharing your innermost thoughts with that one person, that person who loves you, supports you, and only wants the best for you. And when you find the guy who is worth staying with will always remind you in the end why you two are meant for one another.

And I know it’s not easy to find “the one” but, until you cross your path with him, don’t forget to love yourself because accepting yourself for who you are is an honest, and humbling adventure and I hope that you choose it anyhow. So love yourself, go out, be in places you’ve never been, set goals for yourself and achieve them, daydreaming the life you wanna create, be passionate about the things you love and who you’d like to be. And in this pursuit of becoming the best version of yourself you’ll find the one who’s out there somewhere, your would be valentine, the reason worth all the wait who treats you like no one ever has because you deserve nothing less than a love that is blissful, love that sets your soul on fire, you deserve it all.

Love Tiara..

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