Netflix Romantic movies that are worth watching!

Netflix Romantic movies that are worth watching!

Hey everyone i’m here again with another interesting Netflix Romantic Movie Collection blog. Since we all are quarantined and at home and i personally am a person who either work super hard or will only do Netflix binge! There’s no in between. And in this lock down I’ve watched tonnes of movies and shows i can’t even tell you. It feels like i’ve watched every single movie and show!’😂

So i thought of making a blog like always but this time it’s about all my favorite Netflix romantic movies that are worth watching! Coz to be honest keeping up with all the shows at the same time is hell of a task!🙄 that’s why i’ve made this blog specifically for movies. Apart from this you guys must have already know my current favorite series too, If not check them out here but after this post!

1) Me Before You

Me before you

If you are in a mood to watch a painful yet beautiful romantic movie than this one should be on top of your list. It is based on novel  in which Louisa Clark was forced to accept a job to take care of a recently Paralyzed man, who knows soon they’ll become soulmates from strangers.

2) The Kissing Booth 1 & 2

The kissing booth 2

Ohhmmgeee if you’re someone who love to watch hopeless romantic movies like me then this is the one you just can’t miss. Its a story of Elle and Lee who are best friends since childhood and inseparable since then, but the things turn around when elle starts to fall for Lee’s elder brother noah.

Will she choose her bff or his brother? This has to be my all time favorite Netflix binge. Plus the 2nd part is about to release at the end of the month so make sure to watch it before!

3) No Strings Attached

No strings attached

This one is very subtle and smooth romcom. Two completely opposite people , unable to maintain an fwb relationship, fall for each other at the same time but Realize it at different times. The plot is slow but beautifully executed!

4) 365 Days

365 days talk2tiara

Are you lost? Babygirl….This one is hell of a kind! I recently watched it and i’m obsessed with Michele Morrone already he’s indeed the hottest stud alive!😍 you must be living under a rock if you haven’t heard about this one! It’s about a mafia gangster who kidnaps a girl and gave her 365 days to fall in love with him! Sounds interesting already? But hold on there’s a lot of content which you are might not ready for!’😜 so make sure to watch it alone!

5) The Notebook

the notebook

I’ve watched this one because of peer pressure tbh. Based on a famous Nichole sparks novel this movie is beautifully written and picturized. If you are a fan of old vintage romeo Juliet kinda romance then you’ll defiantly like this one.

6) Five Feet Apart

Five feet apart

This is one of those movies in which you’ll cry your heart out, yes i did too! And i feel this movie made much more sense now in social distancing period since we have to life like this in real life too. Plus Cole spouse emotional acting is a delight to watch apart from his humor!

7) The Perfect Date

Best netflix movies

To be honest, i couldn’t classify this movie as a romantic one but i added this one in the list because it’s kind of true and depicts how modern generation is treating relationships these days. Apart from the script the charismatic Noah centineo is enough to watch a movie right and for cherry on cake Camilla mendes is also featured in it.

8) The Vows

Romantic movies on netflix

FYI i’ll tell you this Netflix movie is based on a true incident and only the thought of it gives me chills. A happily married couple meets an accident and the girl lost her memory and you can tell what’s next? Actually you can’t because you need to feel it. So defiantly check it out will leave you stunned.

9) A Christmas Prince

A Christmas prince

This one in my opinion is a modern day fairy tale which still makes sense. Where a prince charming is not waiting for you but you somehow gets attached to each other and so the adventure begun. Once you’ll watch the first part i bet you wont hesitate to watch the rest 2 movies straight at once.

10) To all the boys i loved before and it’s sequel

to all the boys i loved before

A perfect Netflix movie to watch this season if you haven’t already. Lara Jean a high school girl wrote love letters to her crushes but never send them, and the chaos begins when all the letters gets out. It’s also one of the best romantic movies of Netflix I’ve ever seen, and not to forget the irresistible charm of Noah Centineo will stole your heart. Also the sequel is out too so binge watch it straight!

11) You Get Me

netflix movies

This is one of those Netflix romantic movies where the lover is obsessed with you can will cross any limit to make you their own. Which is of course kinda creepy yet interesting to watch because in this case the obsession is coming from the girls side. A must watch if you love these kinda serial obsession ones.

12) After

After movie

So there’s a lot of hype about this Netflix movie too and i watched it after so many difficulties i can’t tell you! But never mind it’s kinda worth it all. The story line is nothing out of the box but chemistry of the couple is mind blowing so you can give it a shot. since there’s a lot of buzz about it. Plus there’s a sequal in making starring Dylan spouse so i guess your efforts won’t go in vein.

13) Set it up

This one is quite different from a classic rom-com Netflix movie. If you’re looking for some lighthearted, fun watch then this movie is a perfect choice! It has the right amount of intensity while still keeping it fresh! 2 overworked, underpaid assistants wasting their 20’s slaving away for bosses, When they realize that they would have much more free time if the people they worked for weren’t single, they concoct a plan to lure their bosses into a faux-romance.

14) Midnight Sun

netflix movies

This Netflix movie is one of those movies that you watch and it sticks around in your head for a little while longer, why so? because of it’s emotional connect. You can feel the fear, pain, distance and every emotion straight from your heart. Plus the actors does complete justice to the characters. Bella throne isn’t the one whom i can image with such kinda role but she indeed nailed it.

15) The Fault in Our Stars

the fault in our stars

when it comes to Netflix romantic movies gain this one is a masterpiece on it’s own. very similar yet diverse than five feet apart and The midnight sun. I feel like these kind of romantic movies make you believe in true selfless love again which is an epic feeling. Also let me warn you don’t watch these three movies together consecutively otherwise you’ll become a socio manic of few days i bet!😆


Netflix romantic movies

One of those action cum romance movie that will keep you on the edge for sure. the plot is interesting and so does the whole story a good watch i must day. Bonus you’ll get to see will smith’s romantic side too which we don’t even know he had before this.🤣

So yeah these are almost all the Netflix romantic movies i’ve watched and loved, hope it was interesting! Let me i know in the comments your favorite ones too!

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