How To Wear Summer Clothes In Winter?

black outfit ideas

Winters are almost here but we are still not convinced to pack up our favorite summer dresses, are we???? Definitely not! All those cute floral maxi dresses, comfy jumpsuits  crop tops are not meant to be packed up during fall and most importantly this is the time when we can fully utilize our summer clothing. Here are my best looks that I’ve created for you where I show you how to wear summer clothes for winter.
They are simple, comfortable and legit wearable at same. I make sure to present those styles which you guys can easily recreate at home from the basic wardrobe staples. Because it’s all about suggesting the styles and ideas you can actually follow.That’s why I don’t go all experimental and Make it casual chic. So without a further ado lets have a look at the outfits.

1)Structured Jacket Is The Key

white jacket blue jumpsuit
winter trends

Blue jumpsuit – Raaika

White Jacket – Levis Redlook

Boho Neckpiece & shoes – Thrift

Pairing a winter structured jacket over your basic white tee and jeans with boots is the most simplest way to convert any outfit for fall. Wear your denim, fur, bomber jacket over your regular summer outfit can instantly change the game. I’m wearing my favorite blue jumpsuit paired up with a white jacket. I choose white because it enhances the royal blue color little more, A blue denim jacket will also work. You can mix and match your outfits and I’m sure you will also create a kickass combination. Also don’t forget to accessories I throw on a oxidized sliver Neck piece to give a bohemian touch to the outfit and its clearly grabbing attention.

2) Throw On A Cover-Up

black kimono

Poncho – levis redlook

Sling bag – Charles & keith

Rose gold shades – amazon

For the second look,  I make it totally effortless just by throwing on a black poncho or a wrap up it instantly changes my summer outfit into a winter one. Beneath  the poncho I am wearing a simple black body warmer paired up with  blue denims and black boots carrying a sling bag is always a good choice. I really like the look because you don’t need to get confused or think of it a night before as it’s so simple yet so elegant. There are tons of options for cover ups available in market that can the change your look altogether.
Don’t get afraid to style different pieces…. “the more you experiment the more you get to know about
fashion it’s the key”

3)Layer Like A Pro

black outfit ideas
how to style summer clothes in winter

Bodycon dress – globus

Cardigan – deal

Handbag – lavie

Layering is such a legit trick to make the most out of your wardrobe. For this look I layer my summer body con dress with a fur layered cardigan and you have to agree that they both complement each other completely. The body con dress will give a perfect shape to your body without looking bulgy and the cardigan will provide ample warm for the Winters. keep your legs warm by wearing black tights or stockings will also work, complete the outfit with boots I like ankle boots the most.
you can also wear thigh high boots with any of your summer dress to skip the tight and it will completely do the job but I personally don’t like high boots that’s why I wear stockings with the boots.

4)Minimelistic Magic

rose gold shoes

Shrug – missa more clothing

Denim – Vero moda

Rose gold shoes – the label life

In this look, I’m wearing a black bodysuit with denim and to give it a winter twist I layer it with a orange shrug, I really like how it has layers in front which gives the outfit an edge and a structured shape.There’s a lot more option you can select from like wearing a trench coat, fur cover up, denim jacket, a cozy puffer jacket over your basics and it will totally change the game altogether. Also i wear the same white jacket which I wore in the first look, with this denim to give the whole outfit a change just by changing the outer piece. And you guys see how well the look turned out.

So yeah that’s it for the how to wear your summer clothes in winter post hope you guys like it, make sure to tag me if you guys recreate any of these looks, can’t wait to see you guys.

Till then, stay tuned for more.

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