How to edit Instagram pictures like a pro for free?

Lightroom tutorial

The key for great Instagram pictures or any social media picture in general is to understand your taste and stick to it. No matter whatever device you are using. If you have a perfect scenario in mind of what you need you’ll be able to capture it, and for the rest we will use our apps. Since you all really liked my Instagram pictures lately and are asking for a tutorial, here i’ll tell you how to edit Instagram pictures for free.

Editing changes almost 80% of the image and that’s why its a must to know how you can edit bomb Instagram pictures for free. I’ve also seen a lot of bloggers using presets to enhance their pictures so it’ll look more cohesive and well captured. Now for those of you how don’t know what a preset is – “It’s just a set of predefined tools and settings that anyone can simply copy and paste on your image” so just one click and your editing is done!

But I personally don’t like to use presets because every picture’s editing is different and what works for a picture might not work for the other. So coming back to the editing  there are a lot of apps that I keep on trying but there are two three main apps that I tend to use over and over again for different purposes.

  • Snapseed

This is a great app by Google. I especially like to use its healing tool to erase inappropriate background, HDR tool  is also very good. It has a couple of options more like grain filters, curves and its ambiance tool is also very good. –  You can check it out here

  • Lightroom

This one by Adobe is by far the best editing app. In the beginning you may find it a little difficult to use but once you get the hang of it there is no ending of what you can create with it. – You can check it out here.

  • Facetune

This one has been underestimated a lot but believe me this is what you can call a game changer. I really like to use it. Some of its features are really cool like you can add detailing in any object you want, you can smoothen out any imperfections and whatnot. Just make sure you don’t overdo it otherwise it can look a bit fake – You can check it out here

  • Vsco

This one is great for beginners who don’t want too much fuss. The best part is it has it’s very cool preset or you can say filters so you are just one click away from achieving your  perfect Instagram picture. Of course you can increase or decrease the intensity of editing. I really recommend this app if you are a beginner and love to capture some Vintage aesthetically pleasing shots this one is a must have. – You can check it out here.

These are some of my latest Instagram pictures that I edited using these two three apps. As you can see yourself how a hell of a difference editing make in your picture. Scroll down to find an IGTV video of an in depth tutorial of how I edited these pictures.


How to edit instagram pictures


How to edit instagram pictures


How to edit instagram pictures


instagram editing


photo editing

AfterHow to edit instagram pictures self potrait

These are some self portraits i recently edited with only two apps that are free! Isn’t is amazing? So what are you waiting for?

Here’s the IGTV Video link where i explained how to edit them – How to edit bomb Instagram Pictures!

 Hope you all found it useful, don’t forget to comment if you have any queries!

Stay tuned till next post!

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