Fall wardrobe essentials every girl should have in her closet.

denim jacket

Finally its that time of the year, it starting to feel more like fall and less like summers and i’m loving it. I personally love winters for a bunch of reasons. Firstly its my birthday time, secondly everything become way more cozy and cuddled up. but the most obvious reason is my fall wardrobe essentials.

I’m a huge fan of fall fashion undoubtedly that also has a couple of reasons. I love the fact that you can be all cozy and comfy but still look smokin hot! which is always a bonus. In addition to that you get a chance to do a hell lot of experiment because of layering. Just put together some basic pieces and a whole new outfit is ready every single time. What more a girl can ask for right? If you’re still not convinced then we can’t be friends!

So, in this post, I’m gonna take you through my all time fall wardrobe essentials that every girl should have in her closet. However, i don’t mean to go and splurge all your money on fall shopping. Overall most of them are basics and you all probably had them too. We are just figuring out what are the staples and how to make them your ultimate fall statement pieces.


Statement jackets

statement jacket

No matter whatever the occasion is having a statement jacket handy is always a good option in your fall wardrobe essentials. Just throw it on along with your favorite sneakers or boots and you’re good to go.


Animal Print

Animal print
animal print

This one is hands down to be one of my favorite. Animal print can bloom any dull day like magic. besides i love how it instantly makes me feel more powerful and girl boss. So yeah its a must have piece for layering.


Boots of your choice


Every girl must have own a pair of boots in her life. which is probably the best addition in her shoe collection. I can’t stress enough about how much a good pair of shoes can elevate the whole outfit. without a doubt boots are definitely fall wardrobe essentials. My absolute favorites are chunky block heel boots and the comfy zip ups. Apart from this try what suits your style because there are plenty options available.


Denim Jacket

denim jacket


Clearly denim jackets are every girls life savior. When you don’t have time to put together an outfit. you through on a denim jacket and boom! you’re ready. i don’t think a girl can ever have enough denim jackets since they are so versatile and comes in so many styles. One can easily build a collection just with them!


A bomber jacket

fall wardrobe essentials

Apart from a denim jacket, bomber jacket too act as your life savior. they are perfect for an easy breezy day out,outing with friends. To level up your outfit game, you can have them in different fabrics especially like mesh, velvet and even glitter.


Kick-ass sweatshirts


I don’t think i even need to explain the importance of them in your wardrobe because everyone already has them and the collection keeps on building each day. I love the ones that has some cool quotes or graphics on them in particular.


Anything Gingham or plaids!

fall wardrobe essentials

Similarly like animal print, The gingham or plaids print makes your outfit looks a lot more top notched. So definitely include some statement pieces of it in your fall wardrobe i absolutely love this plaid skirt even thou i kept the outfit all basic the pop of plaids makes it looks interesting.


Statement Shrugs

fall outfit ideas


Last but not the least shrugs are perfect for those days when its chilly but not that freezing kinda chilly! that’s the perfect time to throw on a shrug clearly i love how it adds a dimension in your overall outfit plus makes you look even more cuter!


Also, Let me know in the comments how many of them you already have in your fall wardrobe essentials. I make sure to make it post as relatable as possible so that every girl next door can follow and learn some new possibilities of her closet.

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