Craziest Things You Must Do In Your 20’s

20th birthday

In your 20’s life will be full of adventures, ups and downs, it will give you opportunities and hurdles. It’s decade where you indulge yourself in everything around you. So, make sure you are selfish with your time, career and health because they are your best assets. So I’ve pen down 10 crazy things that you must do in your 20’s to make their life happening af.

1) Plan A Solo Trip

You are in your 20’s and its high time to do some crazy on your own. save money and plan a solo trip, meet new people ,explore new places , have fun live your life at its best.

2) Travel And Make Memories

We all want to be free, take off from our work and travel the world. but in the chaos of our busy life we barely get time for these things. But in your twenties you should stop procrastinating because its the time when you can enjoy your life the most. Make every trip memorable in your 20’s so you will not regret in future.

3) Do Something That Sets Your Soul On Fire

Create a hobby that makes you happy in which you forget all your worries. It can be anything from painting to dancing, and try to make that hobby your passion which converts into your job. Believe me you will never face Monday blues again if you do this.

4) kill’em with kindness

Be kind with everyone for no reasons, It takes nothing from you but matter a lot to others. Its easy to be like others that is why, try to be the original you that others will admire too.

5) Tick On Your Bucket List

Already prepared your bucket list? Now its time to tick off some things from it and add new ones. you have got one life make it large never settle for less.

6) Go Offline And  Meet The Real You

Take a break from social media for a while and enjoy your me time, spend that time with your loved ones, believe me that feeling is priceless.

7) Experience A Thing You Always Wanted To Try

Love the paragliding scene from your favorite movie? or scuba diving pictures of your friend’s vacation? its time to experience all those dreamy moments for real.

8) Lose All Your Inhibitions

The only person that is pulling you back is only you. Don’t let your insecurities became a hurdle in the path of your success. Remember when your getting a big kickass opportunity that you always dreamed of ?? But just because of your habit of self doubting you loose it. That’s the break down point where you need to be strong, and push yourself up to take risks. Because life is all about taking risks and making the most out of it.

9) Stop Looking For Love

There is no such thing as ” the one”. Everything will come to you at your best time. Till then work on bettering yourself each day, so your partner will get the best version of you that they just can’t get enough of.

10) Write A Letter To Yourself

Write a letter to yourself in your 20’s so you can read it afterwards in your 30’s and look back how long you have come, how you have overcome your insecurities and what decisions you have taken that makes you reach here.

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