Best Holiday and Christmas movies to end this year!

Christmas movies

Hey everyone its finally that time of the year where we can binge watch all our favorite Christmas movies without any guilt. I personally love this time because of the cheer, festivities it brings into the season the whole vibe is completely next level.

A Christmas Prince (All three movies)

A Christmas prince

For me Christmas is all about watching hopeless romantic happy ending movies coz that what brings most joy isn’t it?? And as cheesy as it can get this is really corny and of course predictable But that’s what makes it enjoyable.

The Princess Switch

I started getting this feeling that Vanessa Hudgens is made for perfect romcom Christmas movies coz she does it the best. This one indeed comes top in the list as its one of the top rated Christmas movie. Vanessa Hudgens does double-time playing two lookalike women who switch places the week before Christmas. So make sure you watch it as the sequel is also released this year!


Animated movies definitely brings its next level of happiness and when it’s on Christmas what more you can ask for right?? This one is a perfect choice to watch with family. The Netflix original Christmas movie about a young postman befriending a man named Klaus and their adventures.



I recently watched this one and it’s a good classic one time watch. Though the reviews aren’t that great but I’m so glad I made up my own mind, because I thoroughly enjoyed it. It hits all the right notes for a romcom, with a refreshing new take on dating, plus the actor is super hawt which is always a bonus 😁.

Holiday Classics

animated Christmas movie

Ohmgee i’m a hugee fan of animated movies there’s something so special about them, the happiness that can never be achieved by watching any other genre! and don’t tell me you haven’t watched Madagascar yet! coz that’s an OG when it comes to holiday movies. This collection features your favorite cartoon characters, like Shrek, Donkey, and the cast of mischievous penguins from Madagascar.

Christmas Inheritance

Best Christmas movie

Apart from all happy ending Christmas movies, i found this one a little bit different and thought provoking. It’s about a girl who belongs to a rich family but before she can inherit her father’s company, the young heiress is sent to a small town where she learns the value of helping others.

Christmas wedding Planner

Planning a wedding in a holiday season right before Christmas indeed sounds like a dream come true. But what makes it even more fun is when you are yourself a Christmas Wedding planner. This story is about kelsey who’s planning her cousin’s wedding nuptials, private investigator Connor McClane arrives and throws a wrench in her plans.

The knight before Christmas

Best Christmas movie

Again one with Vanessa Hudgens though she doesn’t play a princess in this one, she gets romanced by a cute medieval English knight, she herself being a science teacher, is disillusioned by love, but starts to change her mind when she finds herself smitten with this stranger who magically appears out of nowhere.

The holiday Calendar

Best Christmas movie

Its a lovely movie just like Christmas movies should be. Beautifully written dreamy and non fiction. You’ll enjoy it if you like seeing what happens in the future from an advent calendar. Because its pretty unique like every Christmas movie should be.

The Lodge

horror Christmas movie

With all the Christmas vibes going on, i thought why not include a chillin horror movie. This one is indeed worth one time watch, The less you show more creepier terrifying it becomes. Imagine you are trapped in a strange lodge located far away in isolated location with no communication devices no power supply no help would you be able to survive?


Ibiza movie

This one is for all the single ladies out there who are fed up from their boring 9 to 5 job and want to relax a lil bit from the hectic schedule. This is an impeccable Netflix movie that you’ll definitely enjoy on a boring day plus the amazing music will amp up your mood too perfect Christmas movie for this holiday season.

Operation Christmas drop

Christmas movies

This one might be a Christmas movie but is filled with full of adventures. A congressional aide arrives at a tropical Air Force base on a mission to shut it down and ends up falling for a pilot. Sounds like a perfect Christmas movie to binge watch.

Let It Snow

Let it snow

Its an ideal Christmas movie to watch. It is silly, charming. It has that comforting vibe despite having quite a few problems with the storyline. If you’re looking forward to watching an effortless film and not care about the quality of the overall product, this might be the best option for you.

Office Christmas Party

Office Christmas Party

This one is for all the FRIENDS fanatics out there😂 coz obviously Jennifer Aniston. It’s that one Christmas movie in the bunch that has various types of humor (dark, awkward, deadpan), good chemistry, and no holiday cheesiness (Although i lovee that), Office Christmas Party is a must-watch.

So, these are some of my recommendations, now you can straight binge watch this thanksgiving season!

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