Organic Skincare and Haircare products i’m loving these days!

deyga organics

Hey everyone, Hope you all are doing good! so as the tittle  says yes in this post i’m gonna share my secret of how i cured all of my skin and hair problems with some not so basic or we can say my holy grail organic skincare and haircare products these days!

Who doesn’t want to achieve glowing skin and luscious hair? It seems like every girl never ending wish right? And when it comes to finding the right Organic skincare brand for all our hair and skin concern it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. I know coz i experienced these problems a lot. Our skin is so used to chemical treated products that it takes while to balance out with the organic skincare switch. But once you get used to it there;s no turning back.

So i keep on searching and trying different brands and products until i finally came across Deyga  their Ingredients are 100% Natural originated from nature. Nothing can beat organic products when it comes to skincare and hair care! And that’s why i love this brand and their products.

Not only these products are 100% natural they are cruelty free too . These products are formulated with high-performing antioxidants, naturally occurring vitamins and essential oils to give your skin maximum benefits what more you can ask for right? So i decided to try out some of their products according to my skin and hair concerns and here’s what i think about them.


Organic Skin Care by Deyga

  • Beautifying Serum

If you’ve been following me you must have known that i love skin serums. One should defiantly invest in serums according to their skin concerns. This one is their beautifying serum it has a thick oil based consistency because of all the essential oils it is made of.  Despite of the fact that it’s oil based still it’s lightweight and fast absorbing which is great.  Enriched with antioxidant and antibacterial benefits. I can see the results after first week of use  it helped in reducing pigmentation and even lightens acne scars too.

Check it out – here

  • Liquid Gold Hair serum


Hair oiling is a mandatory step which most of us tends to neglect a lot. Apart from  organic skincare they do amazing job in hair care too. I tried their most famous Liquid gold hair serum. I mix it with my regular hair oil Coconut, Olive oil etc or you can use it as a bald spot treatment too. This acts like a protective covering to the hair shaft. It’s made of organic argan oil and other essential oils which are proven for healthy hair growth. It stimulates hair, from root to tip i generally apply it at night and wash it off with their shampoo bar.

Check it out – here

  • Shampoo Bar

I was very skeptical before trying out this one. Leaving your regular shampoo and replacing it with a shampoo bar is indeed a big step. At first wash my hair gets quite dry but dryness only lasts until your hair are wet. After 2 3 washes my hair get used to it. It’s made of pure coconut milk and has some amazing Indian ingredients too like shikakai, amla and bhringraj. Handcrafted with all natural ingredients this shampoo bar is a perfect new addition in  my hair care regime.

Check it out – here
  • Vanilla Lip Balm

. Still unsure about switching to organic skincare? Don’t worry you can always start small! Like with this cute yet effective addition to my skincare their vanilla lip balm. This has a slight tint to it which i don’t mind and the luxurious vanilla formula and fragrance is to die for! it stays on for a good amount of time if you’re someone who takes their lip balm very seriously or only applies lip balm then i highly recommend trying this one.

Check it out – here

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