My Hair Transformation ft. the Styles salon

hair color

Hey everyone, In the last post I’ve shared my skincare routine in which i introduced you with some new product that you all really liked. In this post i’m gonna share my hair Transformation with the styles salon this is something most of you have been asking me to do from a long time. Since I’ve colored my hair again so i thought of taking you along with this experience. Its procedure and the final results which might help you for your next coloring experience.

So, before coloring, the first and the foremost thing that you should have clear thoughts about is what kind of hair you have. Their texture, volume and even your skin tone because all these aspects plays a very vital role with your overall final appearance. I went for my hair color to the styles salon they are my most trusted salon which it comes to hair and skin.

They have partnered with Loreal for their hair colors which is great since loreal is one of the most reputed brand when it comes to hair color. So, their team first suggested me the color which will suit me while taking care of different aspects. Initially i wanted a hair color like madelaine petsch (Cheryl Blossom) from Riverdale. so we kept that shade in ind and transformed in into something that will suit my skin tone.

Hair Cut

hair color talk2tiara

Color Application

hair color

hair ccolor

Wash and styling

hair wash

Final hair transformation

styles saon

madelaine petsch hair color


red hair color
copper blond hair

I just can’t get enough of this hair transformation anytime soon. Loved every bit of it from color to texture the styles salon makes sure to keep everything the way i like it without damaging my hair. The trust of loreal with experts can make wonder for sure.

You can check out the Styles salon here – The styles salon

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