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Hey everyone, its been a long time since i shared any skincare post here. so today i’m going to share the skincare products from Meglow that I’ve been using lately. i recently came across this brand called Meglow. It instantly catches my attention if you guys have been following me since for a while you must have known that i keep on switching my skincare routine according to the weather and my skin concerns.

Meglow products I’ve used are their Advanced Brightening Face Wash and their Brightening Face cream\moisturizer. so i’m quickly going to review these two with you guys.

Meglow Instant Glow Facewash

The way i used these two are pretty basic and self explanatory first i wash my face with the face wash for good two to three minutes focusing on my tee zones i love how this contains really tiny scrub granules which makes it acts like a two in one product a scrub and face wash together. It has a pretty thick consistency a pea sized amount is enough for one time use. It’s unique formula enriched with Palmaria extract cleanses the pores deeply and it also protects the skin from harmful UV rays, cleanses and exfoliates the skin to remove dirt and provides a glowing radiance all day long.

You can shop this product here – Meglow Facewash

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healthy skin

Meglow Intensive Brightening Cream

The next step is to apply a moisturizer or facial cream, so i follow up the skincare with Meglow intensive brightening system. To be honest i hate applying any sort of cream on my face and i always tend to gravitate more towards moisturizers but my experience with this cream is pretty good its so lightweight eve thou i mix this with my sunscreen and then i apply it still it absorbs really quick into the skin and makes it so hydrated and glowing.

You can check out this product here – Meglow Face Cream

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